How to Write an Effective Grant Proposal eBook

This guide reviews how to write an effective grant proposal. It is the first of three in a Grant Seeker Best Practices eBook series.



Grants are complicated. 

There is no point in trying to pretend they’re not. From the moment you decide to apply for grant funding, you have fewer resources at your disposal and your day-to-day operations become even more complex than they already are.

This is especially true for local governments, tribal nations, and nonprofit organizations where team members often perform multiple roles in the organization.

In a world with unlimited resources and time, you would try to hire a grant writer to help shoulder some of the burden. Even if you already have a grant writer on your team, you will still have to gather information and materials for them and serve as a subject matter expert. There is no way around it. Your organization needs funding to achieve the outcomes your community needs, so writing the grant application or gathering the necessary materials for it will have to be your responsibility.

You may feel overwhelmed at the idea of writing your own grant application or keeping up with the volume of applications you have to manage. That’s understandable. The reality is that while grant writing and the application review process can be time-consuming, and the review process can seem mysterious, most grants are awarded based on a review of material that you have ample time to prepare. You even get access to the criteria those materials will be evaluated by in advance.

This means you have some control over the process, and if you are prepared to be prepared, you will increase your chances of getting funding.

This guide aims to help you do just that: get prepared.