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Adam Roth has turned his not-for-profit experience into a startup ready to help organizations communicate with board members and better monitor and report grants.

by Matt Tullis

inside-business.pngNovember/December 2010 issue of InsideBusiness Magazine

As COO of the West Side Ecumenical Ministry, Adam Roth often found himself tracking upwards of 40 grants spread across the organization’s seven departments.

There were spreadsheets at the department level and spreadsheets at the agency level and spreadsheets at the grant level.

“There were eight or nine spreadsheets that all linked together,” Roth says. “It was not an efficient way to track grant performance.”

This wasn’t a problem unique to West Side Ecumenical Ministry, either, Roth says. It is a problem all nonprofit organizations that deal with grant and government money have: How do you manage the hundreds of pieces of information that need to be tracked over the course of a grant’s life, and how do you do it on a regular basis?

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